3 Things to Know When Buying Your Own Tactical Vest

  More and more, law enforcement and military members are choosing to supplement their provided equipment with personal tactical gear. They’re not doing it for style points – they’re looking for a better fit, more utility, and customized equipment that better suits their needs.

Soft Body Armor for Women: 4 Things to Consider

  Custom soft armor is designed specifically to fit its owner. Whether you’re ordering soft armor in bulk for your law enforcement team or purchasing a set for yourself, knowing what factors to consider can be the difference in a second-skin and uncomfortable gear.

3 Tips for Maintaining Your VELCRO Tactical Gear

  Tactical gear is an investment in your safety. You’ve spent time and money building a foundation of supportive, resilient gear, but if you’re not taking care of it properly, it won’t last as long as it could. At Vel Tye, we specialize in VELCRO-enabled tactical gear and body armor, and we’ve seen far too … Continued