Three Things to Know About First Responder Armored Vests

  More and more, first responders are equipped with armored vests because they are often in the same situations as law enforcement officers and need similar protection. Equipping ambulances and fire trucks with armored vests helps prepare first responders for whatever situation they encounter when they arrive on the scene.   Equipping first responders with body … Continued

Training Programs for K-9 Officers

The level of training K-9 officers receive depends on whether they will be conducting standard law enforcement duties with their canine partners, performing specialized K-9 tasks, or perhaps both. The initial training is the same no matter what the case, but specialized tasks require enhanced training for both the canines and their human partners. We’ll … Continued

Four Steps You Need to Take to Become a K9 Officer

    For some police officers who love dogs, the idea of becoming a K-9 officer may be very appealing. However, most K-9 candidates will have to go through four common steps before they become official K-9 officers.    Note that all law enforcement agencies and departments operate under different parameters, so some noted sub-steps … Continued