Preparedness and School Security 

As summer comes to a close and school returns to session, students and staff alike fill the halls of our learning institutions, ready for another year. For security staff, back to school means providing absolute protection for teachers, administration, and, of course, students. As any professional will tell you, preparedness is the key to safety. … Continued

How to Keep Your Kit as Light as Possible

  Tactical gear should be as comfortable to carry as it is effective. If your gear kit is too heavy, it runs the risk of slowing you down; when you’re in the field, every second counts. What can you do to create a lightweight kit that also contains everything you need? Consider Your Materials Carefully … Continued

Infographic: Five Gear Essentials for Police Officers

There are gear essentials for police officers that will be issued to you as part of your uniform and duty kit – firearm, handcuffs, body camera, and perhaps a tactical vest. But there are so many other gear necessities that you may need to procure on your own. As a law enforcement official, you will … Continued

Signs it’s Time to Upgrade Your Tactical Protection Gear

Always make sure your gear is in prime working condition. When you’re faced with the unknown each day, you want to be sure you’re wearing protective gear that works. Your safety matters and you shouldn’t delay when it’s time to get new tactical protection gear, but how do you know when that time comes? There … Continued

First Responders and Tactical Accessories: How You Can Save Vital Time

  In the field, seconds matter. If you’re a first responder, wasted time can be the difference between life and death. Your tactical pack matters and the accessories you choose could save you crucial time when the pressure is on. Out-of-Reach Perhaps the biggest time-waster for a first responder is the search for equipment. Conditions … Continued

Infographic: 5 Gear Essentials for First Responders

As a first responder or emergency medical technician, every second matters when lives are on the line. Even with an ambulance packed with all the requisite medical equipment, keeping your gear essentials on your person at all times is a necessity when time is precious. Check out the infographic below for Vel Tye’s top 5 … Continued

Soft Body Armor VS. Hard Body Armor: What’s the Difference?

    Different kinds of body armor protect against various levels of bodily harm. When searching for body armor you may come across the terms “soft body armor” and “hard body armor,” but what’s the difference?   What is Soft Body Armor? As the name suggests, soft body armor is soft and flexible, though its … Continued

Body Armor: Why the Expiration Dates Matter

  All body armor used in vests and other protective gear is stamped with an expiration date. It’s important for you to know why and when your armor expires so you ensure your gear is always performing at its peak to keep you safe.   Why Does Body Armor Expire? Like any chemical compound, the … Continued

Infographic: Five K9 Gear Essentials

As a K9 handler, the safety of your canine colleague is of paramount concern. Police and military canine officers are not pets – they are service members with important work to do, and just like you, they put their lives on the line every day to keep the peace in our communities.   What are … Continued

What’s in a Kit? 5 Essentials for EDC

  We at Vel Tye know how important the contents of your everyday carry (EDC) kit are. If anything happens, you need to have the right equipment to remain safe and take care of yourself. Here are five essentials for your EDC kit:   First Aid Kit One of the most important items you can … Continued