First Responders Tactical Gear and Accessories


Firefighter w/ tactical vest
A firefighter wears a Vel Tye Hugger beneath his gear.


When you have no idea what challenges may be thrown your way, you want to know you’re protected while doing your job. Safety is high priority for you – and for us. As a first responder, you often come face-to-face with the unexpected, and Vel Tye wants to make sure you are always prepared for any situation.


After serving in the Navy for over 20 years, Vel Tye Founder Steve Herring sought to create tactical vests that would offer both protection and mobility. That led to the development of our patented Hugger tactical vests. Our Huggers are compatible with hard and soft armor, as well as float foam. They provide the comfort and versatility you want, without sacrificing the protection you need. Our products are also made with genuine VELCRO® that allows a better adjusted fit and a full range of motion.


The accessories you carry are just as important as the gear you wear. That’s why we develop products that assist you in everyday situations, both personal and professional. We aim to make your life easier by providing a range of products that will make all aspects of your life run smoother and safer.

Tactical gear and accessories will always be a necessity for first responders, military and law enforcement personnel. Browse our full line of products, and if you have any questions or would like more information on customization, you can always contact us directly.


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