Preparedness and School Security 

As summer comes to a close and school returns to session, students and staff alike fill the halls of our learning institutions, ready for another year. For security staff, back to school means providing absolute protection for teachers, administration, and, of course, students.

As any professional will tell you, preparedness is the key to safety. Equipping your security detail with tactical equipment and gear of the best quality, design, and functionality provides peace of mind knowing that despite the scenario, your team will be ready to handle the situation.

Below we’ll take a look at three pieces of gear that will have every security guard ready to go back to school.

Private Security Tactical Vest

Because safety for the students, teachers, and school officials is the number one concern, every means of preparation must be accounted for. Equipping your security team with proper chest protection allows them to do their jobs uninhibited.

This private security tactical vest is the perfect option for your team and features beneficial advantages that provide your guards with the extra support they’ll need. Some notable features include:

  • – Complete customization for every operator.
  • – Compatible with level IIIA soft armor.
  • – Complete protection of the torso without impeding range of motion.
  • – Inner lining of mesh that dispels body heat.
  • – Velcro closure for quick on and off.

Radio Pouch

In scenarios when safety is at risk, immediate communication is imperative to ensure security. Being able to keep in constant contact with not only other security team members, but also school administration and staff, is an important aspect of daily security. Therefore, it’s no wonder the radio is one of the security guard’s most important tools. This radio pouch is simple, lightweight and outfitted with a few separate features that make it perfect for daily carry:

  • – Bungee strap and velcro closure provide simple yet easy access to your radio.
  • – Simple attachment to tactical vest or belt.
  • – Fabric provides noise discipline for when it’s needed most.


A radio pouch seems like an effortless addition to a security guard’s gear but knowing you have the right one when the moment matters can make all the difference. Adding a utility pouch allows your guards to keep a variety of gear at arm’s reach in the field and makes a perfect addition to the radio pouch.

Artac Bag

Having the proper pack or case for equipment is another excellent way to properly prepare your security teams. Though the Artac bag was designed primarily to carry medical supplies, it can be outfitted to carry any equipment or tools that may be needed in the field. The durability of this bag is second to none and it is easy and comfortable to carry alongside other tactical gear.


Back to School with VEL TYE

Now that you have gained a better understanding of just how crucial proper, quality equipment can be in ensuring school security, you can outfit your security teams for any situation.

VEL TYE manufactures tactical gear and accessories that meet all of your security needs. Founded in 1993 by Steve Herring, a twenty-year Navy veteran, VEL TYE is a MADE IN THE USA company that reaches above and beyond for our customers. With a reputation for quality tactical equipment and a track record of providing products for a variety of military, law enforcement and first responders, VEL TYE works with clients to provide customized vests and gear to meet your organization’s needs.

When it comes to the safety and security of our schools there is no better company qualified than VEL TYE. Contact VEL TYE today or visit online to find out how you can ensure optimal safety at your institution.