Chesapeake, VA

I have been a loyal Vel Tye customer since 2013 and continue to be each time I close, cinch, buckle and wear my Vel Tye gear. Working directly with the company and staff made the overall experience great. They clearly take pride in what they do.

Andy W.

Virginia Beach, VA

I bought my first Vel Tye Hugger in 2015. The Vel Tye team makes high-quality products and I have always received great customer service.

Michael N.

Chesapeake, VA

I have regularly bought IFAC pouches from Vel Tye since 2013. They offer better quality products at fair, market value prices. Vel Tye is one of the best companies I work with on a regular basis.

Protecting Those Who Serve

Our Hugger provides more comfort than anything else on the market while keeping you safe.

Police Hugger 1