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American Made, American Proud

Since 1993, Vel Tye has supplied American-made tactical gear and accessories to our nation’s law enforcement, military, and first responders. We are proud to manufacture American-made products and support American workers.


Benefits of American Manufacturing

When consumers search for products many prefer companies with American-made items because they have multiple benefits. By manufacturing our products here in the USA, we provide good, American jobs when so many companies are shipping their production facilities overseas. We also believe American law enforcement, military, and first responders should have top-rated gear made in America.


The production of Vel Tye’s tactical gear and accessories in the United States also guarantees our employees are in better and safer conditions regarding work hours, labor standards, and wages. We follow all OSHA guidelines and regulations to ensure an environment in which workers are comfortable and provided for.


American-made products also have a bigger impact on the economy by creating jobs, which in turn encourages spending. It all results in a better, stronger US economy.


Vel Tye is American made, and American proud. To learn more about our products, check out our product offerings and please feel free to contact us.